Integrated Data Center and Network Operations Center

To fulfil our clients requirements, IPSIP Group has opened new premises in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, in 2014.
Our Data Center hosts and secures sensitive traffic and information belonging to our clients, on either dedicated or shared servers.

Our Network Operations Center runs 24:7, 365 days/year.
Client Support Operators on rotating shifts, managed by experienced System Administrators, ensure the flawless continuity and consistency of service.


  • IPSIP Group, with its subsidiaries Network/Telecom, Data Centers and Services was built around people coming from high-tech equipment sectors.
  • The symbiosis of their experience and fields of expertise is the reason for the Group’s success.
  • Get in touch with IPSIP Group’s Management: let’s study together your IT projects.

Our Mission:
making infrastructures technologies within reach

  • Access to the most sophisticated network and telecom technologies at market-value prices gives large firms a strategic competitive edge.
  • IPSIP supports their growth, guiding them to a better cost items management.
  • Drawing on this experience with major accounts, founders of IPSIP Group have started making innovative infrastructures technologies more accessible to small and medium businesses.
I believe the mystique surrounding the complexity and cost of such equipments must be discarded:any small organisation can, actually, get the most cutting-edge technologies tailored to its specific scale, thus avoiding an out-of-control IT equipment budget.
Financing solutions that smooth investments already exist.

Business Ethics & Environment

  • True to our “Cutting-edge equipment within reach” philosophy, we also offer refurbished hardware to our clients.
  • This equipment is both audited and guaranteed by experts from IPSIP Services. Fixed-costs are therefore lowered. Our portfolio of refurbished items also helps businesses to protect the environment.
  • To help companies preserve the environment, we also offer equipments that are more energy efficient to decrease your operating costs as well as your carbon footprint.

A Local & International Experience

Our Products and Services are provided in Europe, our historical market. We also operate in Asia, in the Middle-East and in Africa, controlling operations such as customs clearance and transportation.

Added-Value from a Major Player

  • IPSIP Group is a vendor backed by a large portfolio of faithful clients.
  • Our DNA of Added-Value Reseller, our knowledge of the best market-values, our business ethics, have been the starting point of our successful story, that made us a leader on the European market.
  • This is why, despite a strong growth over the years, we still support our very first clients.

IPSIP Group’s Advantages over Competitors

  • Historical relationship with manufacturers
  • Experience of the network/system infrastructure world
  • Knowledge of ground conditions and common traps
  • Experience of both Installation and Operation
  • Training programs (transfer of skills) and Certification programs in partnership with manufacturers
  • Single window: our solutions are synergetic, keep a single interlocutor
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