IT Infrastructure Audit

Hardware & Software

Auditing your infrastructures remains the best way to optimize your costs, performances, upgradability and security.
IPSIP Services analyses your strengths and weaknesses, both hardware and software.

IPSIP Audit Services

Information Systems are key sources of competitiveness.

  • Their performances and availability, in a context of exponential growth of data traffic, have become crucial to businesses.
  • IPSIP Services’ experience tells that any infrastructure hides some weaknesses, or even potential risks, due either to design deficiency or obsolescence.
  • Getting your infrastructure audited therefore remains the best way to optimize costs, performances, upgradability and security.
  • It also takes away the threat for any company whose IT infrastructure hides security breaches: disruption of activity, industrial espionage and destruction of data.
  • IPSIP Services makes the inventory of your infrastructure. Our experts make recommendations and suggest suitable solutions that will help reduce operational costs of the infrastructure, while increasing performances and security against failures and malicious acts.
  • The upgradability of your infrastructure allows you to reduce fixed costs of future investments needed to sustain the growth of your activity: upgradability really is the criteria that determines any strategic decision.

The audit is based on:

  • a document filled by the client, mentioning the scope of the mission
  • automated reports from our IT assets inventory tools
  • a field survey performed by a Network & System technician*

*All of our Network & System technicians are certified and experienced.

The audit provides the client with a report that includes

  • a summary of the strategic issues of your business’ Information System
  • a detailed and meaningful inventory of all hardware and software assets of your company
  • a description of the services run on your Information System (Windows domaine, messaging services, back-ups, etc.)
  • a presentation of all breaches and malfunction observed, as well as potential risks
  • enhancement recommendations following four axes: performances, availability, upgradability and security