IT Infrastructure

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

Maintenance under Operational Conditions

Some companies do not want or cannot afford to keep in-house IT staff for their IT Infrastructure Monitoring. They entrust IPSIP Services with the Maintenance under Operational Conditions of their infrastructure. Our Remote Monitoring includes both hardware and software assets and runs 24:7, 365 days/year.

  • IPSIP Services owns a Network Operations Center (N.O.C.)
    dedicated to the Maintenance under Operational Conditions of IT infrastructures – hardware & software. The N.O.C. are located in Montpellier (France) & Ho-Chi-Minh City (Vietnam).
  • Our Network & System Administrators and Client Support Operators ensure a 24:7, 365 days/year monitoring of our clients’ infrastructures.
  • The N.O.C. uses a video wall equipped with warning systems receiving live technical status information round-the-clock. Any failure – or threat of failure – is detected and instantly transmitted to N.O.C. Operators who respond and trigger a human intervention on the infrastructure by an IPSIP Administrator.
  • Our English-speaking, French-Speaking and Vietnamese-speaking Client Support Operators ensure the flawless continuity of your IT infrastructure monitoring, working on rotating shifts: this is the guarantee of a 24:7, 365 days/year control to our clients.

Discover the benefits of a 24:7 – all year round
IT Infrastructure Monitoring with IPSIP


Antivirus and protection against spyware. Automatic alert in case of intrusion attempts. Instant response by an operator to the security threat.


Client Support Operators, managed by experienced System Administrators, respond 24:7 to alerts that are transmitted to our Network Operations Center.


CPU load, memory usage, disk space and network interface load are risk factors being monitored 24:7.


Temperature, condition of the cooling systems, inverter and battery status, are crucial information, controlled 24:7.


The operations that are most precious to your activity are risk-proof: Web servers, e-mail servers, hosting servers, Web services, processes, etc.


Automated surveillance and proactive check-ups by a human operator complement one another in confirming the low level of software/equipment risk.